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Origin: (uncertain; appears to be a creation of Clark Ashton Smith, and perhaps only mentioned in that author's "Family Tree of the Gods")

In the Mythos

Hzioulquoigmnzhah is uncle of Tsathoggua, and the male progeny born in a far system of the androgynous spawn of Azathoth named Cxaxukluth. Hzioulquoigmnzhah found his parent Cxaxukluth slightly uncongenial owing to its cannibalistic habits, emigrated to Yaksh (Neptune) at an early age; but, wearying of the peculiar religious devotions of the Yakshians, went on to Cykranosh (Saturn), in which he preceded by several aeons his nephew Tsathoggua. Hzioulquoigmnzhah, a rather reflective and philosophic deity, was long worshiped by the quaint peoples of Cykranosh but grew tired of them even as of the Yakshians; and he had permanently retired from active life at the time of his encounter with Eibon as related in "The Door To Saturn (fiction)". No doubt Hzioulquoigmnzhah still resides in the columned cavern, and still quenches his thirst at the lake of liquid metal-- a confirmed bachelor, and sans offspring. ("The Family Tree of the Gods" by Clark Ashton Smith)

Heresies and Controversies


Hzioulquoigmnzhah, a shy, introspective, and philosophic deity, was long worshiped by the quaint peoples of Cykranosh (Saturn), and with peculiar religious devotions by Yaksh (Neptune), which Hzioulquoigmnzhah found alike intrusive and wearisome.

Associated Mythos Elements and Keeper Notes