Horror on the Orient Express

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Publisher: Chaosium Inc.

Product Code: 2331

Authors: Geoff Gillan, Mark Morrison, Nick Hagger, Bernard Caleo, Penelope Love, Russell Waters, Marion Anderson, Phil Anderson, Richard Watts, Peter F. Jeffery, Christian Lehmann, L.N. Isinwyll, Thomas Ligotti

Era: 1920s (Classic)

Published: 1991

Format: Boxed


BOOK I - Campaign Book: I. The Orient Express, II. Simplon-Orient Express Operations, III. The Campaign.

BOOK II - Through the Alps: IV-a. Dancers in an Evening Fog (London), IV-b. The Doom Train (London), V. Les Fleurs du Mal (Paris), VI. Nocturne (Lausanne), VII. Note for Note (Milano).

BOOK III - Italy And Beyond: VIII. Death (and Love) in a Gondola (Venezia), IX. Cold Wind Blowing (Trieste), X. In a City of Bells and Towers (Dream Zagreb), XI. Little Cottage in the Wood (Belgrade).

BOOK IV - Constantinople & Consequences: XII. Repossession (Sofia), XIII. By the Skin of the Teeth (Constantinople), XIV. Blue Train, Black Night (Europe), XV. The Fog Lifts (London Again).

Also includes 'Strangers on the Train', four blank passports, passage stickers, scroll of the head, Sedefkar Simulacrum, train car plans and a period poster.


Featuring the Brotherhood of the Skin, this is a classic campaign and the last boxed set produced by Chaosium to date. Chapter X - In a City of Bells and Towers (Dream Zagreb) - was written by Mark Morrison in an attempt to capture in scenario form the work of author Thomas Ligotti. A previous version of this Scenario was published in the British CoC fanzine DAGON.

Winner of the 1991 Origins Award for Best Graphic Presentation and Best Role Playing Adventure. The majority of authors on this book are Australians, mostly based in Melbourne. Penelope Love must enjoy gondolas - see also the entry for Abhoth Omnipotens.