Horror Stories From The Red Room (Monograph)

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Front Cover

Product Code: 0413

Publishing Year: 2013 (October 24)

Pages: 104

Cover Price: $19.95 / $10.97 (PDF)

Author(s): John A. Almack, Padraic Barrett, Joseph M. Isenberg, Hugh Jesseman, Oscar Rios, Jeff Woodall, Simon Yee

Artitst(s): TBA

Setting(s): Ancient Rome, 1920s, possibly others

Format(s): MULA Monograph


Scary Scenarios for All-Hallow's Eve

There is a place in San Francisco where a cabal of storytellers meets to spin tales of horror and suspense.

On the second Friday of every month, as the last embers of sunlight fade over the horizon of the Pacific Ocean, the meetings are held in a private chamber of the Beaumont estate on Nob Hill, called the Red Room. The sense of ominous antiquity of long-past decadence fills the room. The walls bleed drapes of crimson velvet, and a thick sanguine marble carpet covers the wooden floor. In the corner sits an old celesta that a musician plays to spine-chilling effect. In the center in the room is an ornate candle chandelier, above a circle of majestic chairs. It is in this dark ring of seats that stories of unremitting terror pours from the lips of people who revel in its taste, and are held spellbound in its sound.

As with all things in life, the small group fades away, like the setting sun, and the room is left abandoned. Dust settles on the surfaces, the drapes become moth-eaten tatters, and the shimmering crystal chandelier dulles to a gossamer of latticed cobwebs. Now the room is but an empty shell of the old nightmares told long ago, lingering for the unwary to one day hear again…in the Red Room.

Scenarios: Horror Stories From The Red Room (Scenario) (Yee), Three Maidens of Bingen on the Rhein, Northanger Abbey and the Necronomicon (Almack), The Inheritance, Scenario 5, Scenario 6, Scenario 7

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Scary Scenarios for All-Hallow's Eve

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Comments / Trivia

This monograph publishes (albeit belatedly) the winners of Chaosium's 2012 Call of Cthulhu scenario competition


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