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Halloween is a popular holiday to set spooky adventures on (Chaosium has hosted a yearly Halloween scenario contest, publishing the best submissions as Monographs).


Why would Halloween matter on a Cosmic scale of things? The typical explanation is "because human cultists believe it does", but here are some alternative explanations:

Halloween at St. Odilio's

The scenario [[Halloween_At_St._Odilio's|Halloween at St. Odilio's] provides one explanation:

J.G. Frazer’s third edition Golden Bough, a copy of which can be found at the Orne Library at Miskatonic University, suggests that the most auspicious date for spells and rituals is October 31st, and one cultist's interpretation of this imagery is that on Halloween the veil between the worlds of Dream and Day can be passed through freely:

“But it is not only the souls of the departed who are supposed to be hovering unseen on the day ‘when autumn to winter resigns the pale year’. Witches then speed on their errands of mischief, some sweeping through the air on besoms, others galloping along the roads on tabby-cats, which for that evening are turned into black steeds. The fairies, too, are all let loose, and hobgoblins of every sort roam freely about.” – J.G. Frazer, The Golden Bough


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United States and Canada

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Continental Europe

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UK, Australia and New Zealand

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Dark Ages Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales

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