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The Gnophkehs are a fictional race in the Cthulhu Mythos. They are hairy cannibals who once lived in the land of Lomar before it was invaded by people from Zobna. Gnoph-keh (note the hyphen) refers to a fictional species of non-humans that once dwelt in Hyperborea (present-day Greenland).


The Gnoph-keh are violent, hairy entities, with an affinity for cold, ice and snow. Artwork portrays them as similar to very large six-legged polar bears, with a narwhal-like horn.


Gnoph-Keh is the name given to a single, exceptionally large member of the Gnoph-keh, possibly spawned by Aphoom-Zhah. This being may have procreated the Gnoph-keh race. He currently lies entombed in ice below Hyperborea.