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A small farming community between Arkham and Aylesbury along the shores of the Fox River.


Foxfield was originally developed by Lovecraft for an unfinished project. It was rediscovered by S.T. Joshi in 1994, preserved in a map of Foxfield in Lovecraft's hand, "Plan of Foxfield - for Possible Fictional Use". Will Murray discusses Foxfield in Lovecraft Studies #33 (Fall 1995) pages 18-23, "Where Was Foxfield" (the back page has a reconstructed map). Lovecraft's map and notes indicate that Foxfield is east of Aylesbury and Dunwich, and northwest of Arkham.


Foxfield, rough map

As described in the scenario "Dead Leaves Fall":

  • 25 miles or so Northwest of Arkham, just before where the Fox River joins into Miskatonic River is a small town called Foxfield. Once a prosperous mill town, it is now a shell of its former self with none of the mills in operation. Most striking when entering Foxfield is a huge church steeple from the Gothic Revival-style Unitarian Church, Interim Minister Graham West oversees the church in the 1920s. The town does not employ police, and relies on the Massachusetts State Police (State Trooper Author Dewey in the 1920s) for legal intervention. For the most part, there is no police presence in the area unless they are called in. It should take investigators 2-3 hours to get to Foxfield by automobile from Arkham. A collection of local farms the locals may refer to as "stables" used to house the Polish and Russian immigrant workers back in the day when the Pickering Mill was up and running, the farms were sometimes named after the predominant nationality of the workers who stayed there (e.g., "Poles' Farm"). After the Mill burned down and there was no work anymore, the immigrant workers left Foxfield to find labor jobs in other cities.

Keith “Doc” Herber, "Proof of Life":

  • "…explore farther up the street, past the church… to the Fox River and the ruins of the abandoned mill looming over the far bank. It’s the dry season, and the river is barely more than a trickle. Down Stream an old covered bridge crosses the Fox River, and a dirt road leads past the mill, toward the northern farms."

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