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Front Cover

Product Code: CHA0307

Publishing Year: 2004

Pages: 64

Cover Price: $15.00

Author(s): Dr. Michael C. LaBossiere

Artist(s): Although there is art throughout the book there is no artist credited.

Setting(s): The creatures, technologies and spells in this book can be used in any era

Format: MULA Monograph

Released as PDF: Yes


This work provides a variety of creatures, technological items and spells for the Call of Cthulhu role playing game. The work follows the conventions presented in the rulebook in regards to creature statistics.

While most of the creatures presented are associated with the Mythos, many are not. The new Mythos creatures provide the Keeper with an opportunity to provide experiences players with some new surprises. The non-Mythos creatures enable the Keeper to provide the investigators with horrific foes that fall outside of the range of their knowledge about the Mythos, thus adding even more variety to the game.

A few technological items have been presented that are associated with some of the new creatures presented within these pages. Naturally, the items are not the sorts of things that one would find in the local mall.

Many new spells are included and all are relevant to the new creatures presented here. While many of the spells deal with summoning and binding, there are also spells for actually creating some of the new horrors. As usual, these spells will be employed mostly by the investigators’ foes.


 * Animator Slime
 * Blood Vortex
 * Body Stealers
 * Creepers
 * Cthunund Uleths
 * Devourer from the Stars
 * Eater
 * Face Stealer
 * Finger-Biter
 * Gaunt
 * Guardian
 * Ice Zombies
 * KA Dead
 * Kadariak Kepf
 * Lozdra
 * Lunatic Soul
 * Metal Stealer
 * Morticinus
 * New England Ghoul
 * Oblos
 * Oniskero
 * Phobovore Vampire
 * Sachonian
 * Shadow Hounds
 * Skull Wraith
 * Small of the Sea Revenant
 * Spirit of the Dust
 * Swamp Zombies
 * The Taker of Sacrifices
 * Tulush
 * Undead of the Blood
 * Vrykolokas
 * Wood Shadows
 * Wooden Vampire
 * Wrong


 * Greater Soul Battery
 * Lesser Machine
 * Soul Battery


 * Bind Devourer
 * Ceremony of the Heart
 * Command Lunatic Soul
 * Contact Tulush
 * Create Animator Slime
 * Create Desiccated Mummy Ritual
 * Create Those Who Walk The Dead Ritual
 * Create Ice Zombie
 * Create Lesser Machine
 * Create Face Stealer
 * Create Finger Biter
 * Create Greater Soul Battery
 * Create Guardian Torso
 * Create Lucern Machine
 * Create "Morticinus"
 * Create Skull Wraith
 * Create Soul Battery
 * Create Swamp Zombie
 * Curse Swamp
 * Dispel Guardian
 * Greater Soul Guard
 * Lesser Soul Guard
 * Prepare Face Stealing Ritual Site
 * Raise KA Dead
 * Raising Up in the Small of the Sea
 * Steal Face
 * Seal Guardian
 * Summon/Bind Blood Vortex
 * Summon/Bind Wood Spirit
 * Summon/Bind Metal Stealer
 * Summon/Bind Oblos
 * Summon/Bind Shadow Hound
 * Tap Soul Battery

Front Cover Text

Items, Spells & Creatures For Call Of Cthulhu

Comments / Trivia

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Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

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