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  • Tentacle Rating overview: (link)
  • Film Page Template: (link)


Want to help, but do not feel like creating your own entry from scratch? See the "Catalogued" section below for films that interest you - most catalogued films in this section could really use the following added to their pages:

  • REVIEWS, EXISTING: Links to reviews needed! Especially reviews from a "Lovecraftian" angle; films reviewed in "Lovecraft film marathons" or on Lovecraft-themed sites are ideal; reviews from general horror-themed sites are OK, reviews written by YSDC members (maybe by YOU) are awesome!
  • REVIEWS, NEW: If you've never seen a film before and want to track it down and watch it, feel free to blog your own review of the film, and add a link to your review on the film's page.
  • SYNOPSES: Very few of these film pages include detailed plot synopses. Feel free to expand the Synopsis section of your favorite film with an original, more detailed play-by-play of the plot.
  • ASSOCIATED MYTHOS ELEMENTS: Whenever possible, in this section I try to mention "Lovecraftian" elements that appear in the film, like tomes, creatures, deities, etc. Sometimes, I forget some elements and miss others for films I have seen, or I just don't know what elements appear in films I've never seen. In rare cases, films will include tomes, creatures, gods, etc. that I don't recognize. If you notice anything missing from the "Associated Mythos Elements" section, feel free to add them.
  • KEEPER NOTES: If you've used a film as a basis for an RPG scenario before, feel free to add suggestions and advice to the "Keeper Notes" suggestion describing ways the film can be adapted to adventures for Call of Cthulhu, Delta Green, etc. I hope to include such notes for every film eventually, but they tend to be time-consuming to write from scratch.


In no particular order:

In Progress

The following "Lovecraftian" Film suggestions with red links are not yet catalogued:

I don't Get These

I couldn't really figure out the "Lovecraftian" angle on the following films that I've seen suggested as "Lovecraftian":