Fearful Passages

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Publisher: Chaosium

Product Code: 2335

Publishing Year: 1992

Pages: 128

Cover Price: $18.95

Author(s): Marion Anderson, Phil Anderson, Gustaf Bjørksten, Sean Branney, Geoff Gillan, Steve Hatherley, Peter F. Jeffery, Steve Kluskens, Penelope Love, Mark Morrison, Liam Routt, Marcus L. Rowland

Artist(s): Gustaf Bjørksten, Chris Johnston, Martin Trengrove, Nick Smith

Setting(s): 1920s

Format(s): Monograph, Hardcover, Softcover


Scenarios: Fear of Flying, The Iron Ghost, Furious Driving, Rigid Air, Crash Dive, Slow Boat, Armored Angels, Along The Indus, Sleigh Ride

Articles: Automobile Chase Rules

Additional: Introduction, Player Handouts

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Trouble Along The Way

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Nine Terrifying Journeys On Various Continents

Use Independently or Within Other Adventures

"All was well with the plane, and we clumsily hauled on our heavy flying furs. Danforth got the engine started without trouble, and we made a very smooth takeoff over the nightmare city... As we drew close to the jutting peaks the wind's strange piping became manifest, and I could see Danforth's hands trembling at the controls. Rank amateur though I was, I thought at the moment that I might be a better navigator than he in effecting the dangerous crossing between pinnacles, and when I made motions to change seats and take over his duties he did not protest...." -- H.P. Lovecraft

Now Boarding

The Tarrent Tabor Aerial Yacht is a huge triplane made of wood and fabric, with the passengers seated in wicker chairs. Upon boarding, each passenger finds a card bearing his or her name on the assigned seat. Captain and co-pilot welcome everyone to the flight, and explain the basic rules for air travelers: wrap up warmly, stay in your seat, and don't open a window and stick your head out. The engines of the aircraft thunder to life, though a series of backfires draw loud curses from the mechanics. Thoughtfully, the airline provides cotton wool earplugs -- it is too loud to speak anyhow. Down field, ground crews fire shotguns to scare off birds in the area. The aircraft lumbers down the runway and, with a last bump, the Tabor soars up from the field, pitching from side to side.

Aircraft * Trains * Automobiles * Dirigibles * Diving Suits * Canal Boats * Armored Cars * Elephants * Siberian Sledges

The golden age of travel occurred between 1880-1939. As traveling times shrank, destination became more important than journey, a notion now so common-sensical that we blink to think that the reverse was once truer. FEARFUL PASSAGES contains nine adventures set in the 1920s, when travel could be by turns long, arduous, luxurious, and debilitating, but always full of incident and meaning.

Comments / Trivia

The nine scenarios in this book are loosely grouped into three sets of three -- the first trio cover classic forms of transport (plane, train, auto), the middle trio includes esoteric modes of transport (airship, diving suit, canal boat), and the final trio incorporate more exotic styles of conveyance (armored car, elephant, Russian sleighs)


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