Edward Norrys

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Edward Norrys is a fictional character created by H.P. Lovecraft and appears in his story The Rats in the Walls. Edward Norrys is a member of the long standing Norrys family of Anchester, England. He became a Captain in the Royal Flying Corps during the Great War. There he met aviation officer Alfred Delapore, one of the ancestors of the de la Poers, whose land Edward's family now owned. Edward related several of the local legends relating to the de la Poer family to Alfred. After the war Edward became friends with Mr. Delapore, Alfred's father, who wanted to restore his ancestral seat, Exham Priory. Edward helped Mr. Delapore find legends and accounts of the Priory and to restore the building to its original state. After 1923, when Mr. Delapore moved into the Priory, Edward Norrys visited him several times. On July 24th Mr. Delapore invited Edward Norrys to come and investigate one of the cellars in the Priory, where Mr. Delapore thought rats had been living. The two of them discovered that a stone in the cellar covered an even deeper cavern. Capt. Norrys and Mr. Delapore went to London to assemble a group to explore the cavern. They returned August 7th and the next day the group descended into the cavern. There they found evidence that the de la Poers had been farming and eating humans. During the excitement Mr. Delapore attacked Capt. Norrys. He had eaten half of him before they were found.


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