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[[Image:Earl_geier.jpg|thumb|200px|thumb|right| Earl Geier, ''Call of Cthulhu'' author & artist.]]  
[[Image:Earl_geier.jpg|thumb|200px|thumb|right| Earl Geier, ''Call of Cthulhu'' Artist.]]  

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Earl Geier, Call of Cthulhu Artist.


Earl Geier has professionally illustrated a multitude or role-playing games and comic book over the decades. His work has featured within dozens of Call of Cthulhu Supplements dating back to the 1980's, with his first works for chaosium being many renditions of the monstrous, evocative and unspeakable forms we find pictured throughout the main rule books. His arwork has featured within classic campaigns like Horror on the Orient express, adventure collections Fatal Experiments, Dark designs, and many many more.

Comments / Trivia

Earl Geier's artwork - along with fellow artist Paul Carrick - has featured in a season finale of the TV programme Supernatural.



Earl Geier's Homepage