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Dragon magazine was published by TSR from 1976 to 2007 (in print).

Call of Cthulhu content appeared in the following issues:

Issue # Page # Title Author Notes
126 52 A Ghastly Grimoire Dean Shomshak New spells
138 16 The Black Book and the Hunters Craig Schaefer Describes a tome - the Black Book of Shub-Niggurath
139 36 Speaking With the Spirits William A. Barton Spiritualism
150 32 The Well-Rounded Monster Hunter Dean Shomshak Selecting skills
150 92 Unspeakable Secrets Made Easy Dean Shomshak How to create a Cthulhu Mythos tome
162 21 Hammer and Stake Kevin A. Ross Vampires
198 41 The Dragon Project: Josh Wellmeat Sandy Petersen Part of a series creating dragons for various RPGs
210 36 A Monster In the Classical Tradition Steve Berman Monsters of Legend
222 96 A Slither In the Dark Gregory W. Detwiler Nagas
223 81 The Right Monster For the Right Adventure Gregory W. Detwiler Guide to selecting the right creature in Call of Cthulhu