Die Geheiligte Flamme von Bubastis (Artikel)

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Old Cover

Original Title: The Sacred Flame of Bubastis published in Worlds of Cthulhu, Issue 04

Publisher: Pegasus Press

Product Code: PDF2

Publishing Year: 2012

Pages: 12

Cover Price: € 3,95

Author: Dan Harms

Translator: Frank Heller

Artists: John T. Snyder (Cover), Marc Hermann & Kim Schneider (Illustrations), Julia Erdmann (Photographs)

Setting: Modern

Format: PDF


Inhalt (Table of Contents)

04 ... Geschichte (History)

08 ... Anwerbung (Recruitment)

08 ... Ressourcen (Resources)

08 ... Rituale und Symbole (Rituals and Symbols)

08 ... Heilige Schriften (Sacred Writings)

09 ... Zauber und Mächte (Spells and Powers)

10 ... Die Kultanhänger in heutiger Zeit (Modern Cultists)

10 ... Der Tempel (The Temple)

Additional: map of the temple, creature: Der Leichenfresser (The Corpse-Eater)

Front Cover Text

Die Geheiligte Flamme von Bubastis

Eine Kultbeschreibung für Cthulhu Now

Comments / Trivia

This article depicts a cult of Bast from a modern perspective.

The cult also makes an appearance in Kreuzzüge – Ritter im Heiligen Land a Cthulhu Dark Ages sourcebook.

The first version of this PDF was pulled because Pegasus used a Cthulhu Now logo without permission. The current version uses a different logo on the cover.


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