Di6dent, Issue 9

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Di6dent #9 Front Cover

Magazine: Di6dent

Publisher: plansix

Product Code:

Publishing Year: September 2013

Pages: 184

Cover Price: 12€

Editor(s): Julien De Jaeger

Author(s): Guillaume Agostini, Rodolphe Bondiguel, Melchior Pelleterat de Borde, Nadège Debray, Laurent Devernay, Fabien Fernandez, John Grümph, Romain d'Huissier, Kobayashi, Yohan Kwaczala, Jérôme Larré, Batronoban le lapin, Sébastien Lhotel, Thomas Munier, Éric Nieudan, Romuald Renaud, Sanne Stijve, Nathalie Zema

Artist(s): Kevin Baussart, Julien de Jaeger, Frédéric Genêt, David Robert


Format(s): Softcover, PDF






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