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'''Product Code:'''  
'''Product Code:'''  
'''Publishing Year:''' September 2011
'''Publishing Year:''' September 2012
'''Pages:''' 165
'''Pages:''' 165

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Di6dent #6 Front Cover

Magazine: Di6dent

Publisher: plansix

Product Code:

Publishing Year: September 2012

Pages: 165

Cover Price: 12€

Editor(s): Julien De Jaeger

Author(s): Guillaume Agostini, Fabrice Colin, François-Xavier Cuende, Julien de Jaeger, Sébastien Delfino, Laurent Devernay, Fabien Fernandez, Franck Florentin, Stéphane De Geiter, Virginie "Kali" Gros, Romain d'Huissier, Kobayashi, Fayçal Lalmi, Jérôme Larré, Éric Nieudan, Mike Pondsmith, Sanne Stijve, Nathalie Zema, Nathalie Zema

Artist(s): Kevin Baussart, Virginie "Kali" Gros, Aurélie Jouannin, Thibauld Michel


Format(s): Softcover, PDF






Comments / Trivia

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Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.

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