Devil Worship in France

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Listed in Chaosium's The Three Impostors and Other Stories as "forthcoming" in the Miskatonic University Archives (c. 2001) [presumably the one by A. E. Waite (1896); possibly the R. A. Gilbert edition published by Weiser, 2003].

The 1896 text, now in the public domain, may be found on various websites, including and . According to

In spite of the sensational title, this book is actually a debunking of a notorious late 19th century hoax. Leo Taxil, a French anti-clericalist, suddenly converted to Catholicism in the 1885 and wrote a number of books in which he claimed that Freemasonry was a world-wide satanic conspiracy. Taxil started an anti-Masonic newspaper. In 1887 Taxil even had an audience with Pope Leo XIII, who subsequently sanctioned his anti-Masonic campaign.

Waite systematically debunks Taxil in this book, citing factual inaccuracies, plagarism, and sheer absurdities....

It is unknown why this book was never published by Chaosium.