Der Nachtexpress (Abenteuer)

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Publisher: Pegasus Press

Product Code: PDF1

Publishing Year: 2012

Pages: 18

Cover Price: € 4.95

Author: Christoph Maser

Artists: John T. Snyder (Cover), Julia Erdmann (Map)

Setting: 1920s

Format: PDF


Inhalt (Table of Contents)

04 ... Einführende Worte (Introduction)

05 ... Hintergründe des Abenteuers (Adventure Background)

06 ... Die Bahnwaggons (The Railway Carriages)

06 ... Die Waggons im Spiel (The Carriages during the Game)

06 ... Dramatis Personae (Cast)

08 ... Teil 1: Abendessen auf Schienen (Part 1: Dinner on Rails)

10 ... Teil 2: Interludium (Part 2: Intermission)

11 ... Teil 3: Nachtkonzert (Part 3: Night-concert)

11 ... Der Anfang vom Ende (The Beginning of the End)

11 ... Die Mitte vom Ende (The Middle of the End)

13 ... Und wie man das Ende verhindert (And how to prevent the End)

15 ... Anhang (Appendix)

The adventure includes two hand-drawn maps of a sleeping carriage and an restaurant car.

Front Cover Text

Der Nachtexpress

Ein Abenteuer für Cthulhu in den 1920ern

Comments / Trivia

This adventure marks Pegasus Press' first foray into pdf publications.

It's an one-shot adventure (~2h) used by the Pegasus-Supportteam to introduce new players into Call of Cthulhu, therefore no prior knowlegde of the mythos is neccessary.

The adventure takes place in the winter of 1925 during a train ride between Frankfurt am Main and Berlin, but, as it only takes place in the confines of two train carriages, can easily be transplanted to any train ride.


Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.

Erich Zann gets a brief mention.