Der Hexer von Salem (Setting)

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Publisher: Pegasus Press

Product Code: 42060G

Publishing Year: 2005

Pages: 262

Cover Price: € 34,95

Editor: Heiko Gill

Authors: Julia Erdmann, Momo Evers, Thomas Finn (scenario), Heiko Gill, Frank Heller, Stefan Küppers, Andreas Melhorn, Lars Schiele, Matthias Sebastian Treder, Wolfgang Hohlbein (introduction)

Artists: Björn Lensig (maps), Holger Göttmann, Thorsten Kettermann, Kostja Kleye (handouts)

Settings: 1920s, Hexer

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 3-937826-41-6


  • 1. Das Hexer-Universum (The universe of the Hexer)
  • 2. Die Regeln (The Rules)
  • 3. Die Geschichte(n) des Hexers von Salem (The Story(ies) of the Hexer)
  • 4. Die Kreaturen des Hexer-Universums (The Creatures of the Hexer-Universe)
  • 5. Wichtige Personen und Geheimorganisationen (Important People and Secret Organisations)
  • 6. Bedeutende Hexer-Schauplätze (Relevant Hexer-Locations)
  • 7. Die Magie im Hexer-Universum (The Magic within the Hexer-Universe)
  • 8. Spielleitertipps (Keeper Advice)
  • 9. Scenario: Das Erbe der Templer (The Legacy of the Knights Templar) [45 pages]
  • 10. Anhang (Appendix)


  • The book features an auction house's catalogue of occult items, a little brochure which can be used in the scenario.
  • Introduction by the author of the Hexer novels Wolfgang Hohlbein

Front Cover Text

Wolfgang Hohlbeins
Der Hexer von Salem
Abenteuer in der Welt des Robert Craven.

Back Cover Text

Die wohl erfolgreichste Romanserie von Wolfgang Hohlbein, die sich seit über 20 Jahren entwickelt hat. Vom ersten Heftroman 1984 bis zur 24-bändigen Smmlerausgabe 2004. Längst Kult! Die nich-euklidische Kombination auf blasphemischem Grauen und rasant-gruseligem Spielspaß.

In diesem Buch finden sich alle Hintergrundinformationen, um als Spieler in den klassischen Abenteuern und in den 1920ern Seite an Seite mit Rober Craven gegen die Großen Alten und ihre Handlanger kämpfen zu können. Zudem enthält das Buch alle erforderlichen Regeln und ein schriftliches Abenteuer zum Einstieg ins Hexer-Universum von Thomas Finn: Das Erbe der Templer.

Comments / Trivia

Setting information: Der Hexer von Salem translates to The Witcher of Salem and refers to a series of novels written by the German author Wolfgang Hohlbein. This book presents the world of Hohlbein's novels as a setting for Call of Cthulhu. As a distinguishing feature, player characters will have more hitpoints and can use magic more frequently than normal. This way Hexer supports a game style with a focus on pulp.

This book includes a complete, if somewhat trimmed version of Call of Cthulhu.

The Hexer setting is support by three adventures Wenn Engel Fallen (When Angels Fall), Der Teufelsplan des Fu Manchu (The Fiendish Plan of Fu Manchu) and Tage des Mondes (Days of the Moon); as well as two solitaire adventure books Der Blutstern (The Blood-Star) and Das schleichende Grauen (The creeping Terror).

With a complete ruleset, adventure and solitaire adventure support, the more pulpy take on the mythos and an popular and established setting, this book was aimed at people new to Call of Cthulhu and/or roleplaying in general and Pegasus' attempt to get Cthulhu onto the shelves of bookstores that normally wouldn't stock roleplaying games. [1]

There was also a 50 copies limited edition of the Hexer. It's the same book, but numbered and signed by Wolfgang Hohlbein.



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