Dagon, Issue 18-19

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Front Cover

Magazine: Dagon (Magazine)

Publisher: Carl T. Ford

Product Code: N/A

Publishing Year: July, 1987

Pages: 80

Cover Price: £1.75

Editor: Carl T. Ford

Authors: Carl T. Ford, Ramsay Campbell, S.T. Joshi, Robert M. Price, Steven J. Mariconda, Mark Valentine, T.E.D. Klein, Mark Morrison, Peter Cannon

Artists: Allen Koszowski (front),Dave Carson (back), Jeffrey Salmon, Gahan Wilson

Format: Softcover A5



Scenarios: Landscrapes - A T.E.D. Kleinic Scenario for Call of Cthulhu (Morrison)


  • Editorial
  • Crawling At You - New Releases
  • A Developing Series of Generic Forms [Fiction] (Campbell)
  • T.E.D. Klein - Biographical notes
  • The Events at Poroth Farm and the Literature of Horror (Joshi)
  • Lovecraft's Influence on T.E.D. Klein (Price)
  • T.E.D. Klein's Images of Terror (Mariconda)
  • The Ceremonies and Themes from Arthur Machen (Valentine)
  • The Ceremonies - First Printing of an Unpublished Chapter (Klein)
  • Keeping a la Klein (Morrison)
  • Interview with T.E.D. Klein (Ford)
  • Klein to the Rescue (Jeffery)
  • Well-Connected [Fiction] (Klein)
  • Klein's God (Cannon)
  • T.E.D. Klein: A Bibliography (Klein)
  • R'lyeh Reviews
  • Black Mail [Letters Column]

Front Cover Text

For Readers of the Cthulhu Mythos and Players of Call of Cthulhu

Special Double Issue T.E.D. Klein

Back Cover Text

No Text

Comments / Trivia

Mark Morrison's scenario "Landscrapes" later became a chapter in the At Your Door (Campaign)


Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

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