Cthulhu Live: The Old Man of Damascus (Supplement)

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Front Cover

Publisher: Skirmisher

Product Code: 701

Publishing Year: 2007

Pages: 52

Cover Price: $9.99 (for softcover) $4.99 (for PDF)

Author(s): Robert "Mac" McLaughlin, Paul Michael Janousek

Artist(s): Robert "Mac" McLaughlin

Setting(s): 12th Century Jerusalem

Format(s): Softcover and PDF


The Kingdom of Jerusalem in 1190 is in dire peril. Saladin’s army has retaken Jerusalem. The crusader army is in tatters. The once-mighty Christian kingdoms of Palestine are crumbling.

In the easternmost provinces of the Christian kingdoms, the fortress of Li Vaux Moise has been under siege for three months. The defenders have tried to hold out, but the fortress is clearly about to fall, and the commander of the Muslim army has requested a meeting to discuss terms of the garrison’s surrender.

But there are dark forces at work here far greater than any mortal army. Ancient evils from the wind-swept deserts stalk the stone walls, hungry for blood and power. Terrible, mind-shattering secrets from beyond the stars lie ripe to be exposed. Horrors beyond the comprehension of both Christian and Muslim threaten to devour them both – or force them into an unlikely alliance.

This full-length adventure for Cthulhu Live 3rd Edition places the players in the roles of the besieged Europeans and the Muslim ambassadors. Amidst their doom and desolation, they will face betrayal, intrigue, and a desperate fight for survival.

This adventure includes:

  • Suggestions for props, costumes, and atmospheric effects.
  • New arcane abilities and mystic artifacts.
  • 27 Pre-generated characters, so you can jump straight into the game.
  • PDF pack includes two versions of the adventure: one optimized for reading on-screen, and one optimized for printing.

Scenarios: The Old Man of Damascus (Cthulhu Live Script)

Front Cover Text

A Script for Cthulhu Live 3rd Edition

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