Cthulhu For President

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Front Cover

Publisher: Chaosium

Product Code: 5113

Publishing Year: 1996

Pages: Multiple items

Cover Price: $##.##

Author(s): Shannon Appel, Les Brooks, Charlie Krank, Lidberg, Moyer

Artist(s): Earl Geier

Setting(s): Modern

Format(s): Package of assorted ephemera

ISBN: 1-56882-067-4


This package of novelty items, themed around Cthulhu's campaign for the 1996 U.S. Presidency, contains the following items:

  • Red, white & blue Cthulhu in '96 button,
  • Postcard of Cthulhu at the Whitehouse,
  • Red, white & blue Cthulhu in '96 yard sign,
  • Full colour 11"x17" poster,
  • Red, white & blue Elder Party window sign,
  • 8-page booklet of speeches,
  • Posters and other 1996 memorabilia,
  • Red, white & blue Cthulhu for President bumper sticker,
  • Cthulhu's new vision booklet: "Contract on the Earth".

Front Cover Text


Why Settle For The Lesser Evil?

Back Cover Text

Why Vote for the Lesser Evil? It's 1996, and the horrors of the Presidential Campaign are once more upon us [...]

Comments / Trivia

Product received 1996 Origins Award for best Game Accessory


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