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Front Cover

Publisher: Chaosium

Product Code: 5109

Publishing Year: 1992

Pages: ###

Cover Price: $##.##

Author(s): ???

Artist(s): ???

Setting(s): Modern

Format(s): Package of assorted ephemera

ISBN: 0-933635-89-3


This package of novelty items, themed around Cthulhu's campaign for the 1992 U.S. Presidency, contains the following items:

  • Elder Party membership Kit,
  • Poster,
  • Ballot,
  • Flyer,
  • Bumper Sticker,
  • Press package.

Front Cover Text

Election Accessories For The Final Campaign

Elder Party Membership Kit, Poster, Ballot, Flyer, Bumper Sticker & Press Package

Cthulhu For President (on badge)

Vote Cthulhu

Back Cover Text

A Thousand Points of Fright. The political campaign season is underway. We are bombarded daily with hollow promises and meaningless sound bites [...]

Comments / Trivia

Product received 1992 Origins Award for best Graphic Presentation


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