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Front Cover

Publisher: Stygian Fox

Product Code: TBA

Announce Date: Originally announced as a potential Chaosium Monograph in 2010, this book was later announced as a future Styian Fox release in early 2013

Expected Publication Date: "2013 or 2014"

Project Status: TBA

Expected Page Count: TBA

Author(s): Steff Worthington, Byron Alexander, Simon Brake, others?

Artist(s): TBA

Setting(s): Dystopian Alternate Reality

Format(s): TBA

ISBN: #########-#


Over 300 years ago Humanity was nearly destroyed by a disaster, the cause of which has been lost in time to the 1 billion members of humanity that are now spread across the planet. Eastern Europe and North Asia have been turned into empty, barren wastelands and disease, war and environmental collapse brought Humanity down to millions during ‘The Fall’.

Out of the ashes rose the Humanitarian Political Party. It was dedicated to co-ordinating relief to millions of refugees in Western Europe and quickly established what the continent was sorely missing... stable government. It swiftly became the only body that gave clothing, food, shelter and security to the masses. Concerned about a lack of a voice for the struggling masses it enacted political movements to formalise itself as a state, covering all aspects of life in all the districts of West Europe.

100 years ago The Polity, as it has become known, told the proletariat about the Acton Gate. A structure using advanced and little understood mathematics to leap across Atlantica to North America just by stepping through. After the first phase of the ‘Homeland Reclamation’ project was complete and East America was settled by the loyal colonists of the Polity, it’s use was widened to explore the far stars. Brave and true colonists ensure Humanity’s survival by settling the worlds of the purple twilight.

Today, most of the world remains an ecological wilderness. The continents are outlined but who knows what savages wait in the darkness of those lands? There are still frontiers to colonise. Central and West America is a bastion of diseased, corrupt individuals and dictators. Selfish and ignorant to the ways of civilisation and bereft of humanity and charity they hide behind their barricaded villages and hamlets. Savages in the jungles of the south prey on others for their next meal and cults of a degeneracy called ‘religionism’ holdsway over millions in the east.

Beware! The Enemy also exists within ...

Cthulhu Adventus is a dark, fascist, and dystopian setting for Chaosium, Inc’s role-playing game Call of Cthulhu where loyal citizens join the Home Guard to protect society from all it’s ills. Yet out in the darker parts of the world a power is stirring. A dark collection of entities and their slaves dedicated to making mankind’s fall complete and returning the Great Old Ones to Earth to establish their charnel dominion.

After clawing itself back from the pre-industrial age the disparate peoples of the world have brought themselves up to the level of the steam engine, a few automobiles, single shot rifles, and rudimentary air travel by airship.

Front Cover Text

A Dark & Oppressive Setting for the Call of Cthulhu Role Playing Game

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