Cthäat Aquadingen

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The Cthäat Aquadingen is the title of a fictional book created by Brian Lumley. It first appeared in the short story The Caller of the Black. It also featured heavily in The Horror at Oakdeene and The House of the Temple.


The Cthäat Aquadingen is the work of author or authors unknown. It first came to light during the fourth century in Northern Europe. The first copies were written in a mixture of the now extinct Gothic Language and a strangedot-like script. A Latin translation was made in the twelfth century. Through out the ages numerous personal translations have been made in languages such English, French and even Hindi.

The contents of the Codex Maleficum, the Codex Dagonensis and the Codex Spitalski may have been derived from the Cthäat Aquadingen.


The Cthäat Aquadingen deals primarily with the raising and putting down of water spirits. As well as Deep Ones, Zoth-Ommog and the Star Spawn of Cthulhu it also mentions more obscure beings such as Othuum. Other contents include: a paragraph on the creation of a certain sign, four pages of rituals pertaining to the Great Old One Tsathoggua, the Third and The Sixth Sathlattae, and the words of the Nyhargo Dirge.

The book talks at some length about Bugg-Shash and Yibb-Tstll, two entities which it terms Drowners.

Original version

This version was written part in Gothic and part in R'lyeh Glyphs. All copies of this version are presumed lost.

Latin Translation

The Latin translation made during the 12th century. Most copies are preserved in folio style. This version is over seven hundred pages long.

Hindi Translation

This possible unique translation contains additional information on the Small Crawler avatar of Nyarlathotep.

Joachim Ferry's Notes on the Cthäat Aquadingen

The noted occultist Joachim Ferry produced a collection of annotated quotes from the Cthäat Aquadingen in 1930. It seems considerably more uncommon than the author's Notes on the Necronomicon.

Role Playing Game Stats

Original Version  
Sanity Loss 1D8/2D8; Cthulhu Mythos + 14 Percent. Average 52 weeks to study and comprehend/106 hours to skim.
Latin Translation 
Sanity Loss 1D8/2D8; Cthulhu Mythos + 13 Percent. Average 46 weeks to study and comprehend/92 hours to skim.
"Joachim Ferry's Notes on the Cthäat Aquadingen 
Sanity Loss 1D4/1D8; Cthulhu Mythos + 6 Percent. Average 8 weeks to study and comprehend/16 hours to skim.

A player who sucessfuly studies any complete edition of the Cthäat Aquadingen gains skill checks in Anthropology, Natural History and Occult.