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'''Player Handouts:''' Jamie Upton’s Statement, "Late-Night Fire Kills One", mythos tome passages
'''Player Handouts:'''  
* Jamie Upton’s Statement
* "Late-Night Fire Kills One"
* Mythos tome passages
'''Locations:''' [[Camside]]
'''Locations:''' [[Camside]]
'''Creatures:''' [[Brood of Eihort]], Children, [[Eihort]]
* [[Brood of Eihort]]
* Children
* [[Eihort]]
'''Tomes and Artifacts:'''
'''Tomes and Artifacts:''' N/A

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Goatswood and Less Pleasant Places


Pages: 19

Author(s): J. Todd Kingrea

Artist(s): Drashi Khendup and Paul Carrick

Setting: Late 1990s (Modern)

Appears in: Ramsey Campbell's Goatswood and Less Pleasant Places.


A traumatised child leads the investigators to a bizarre cult.

Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


This scenario pits the player characters against a group of malicious Camside children, unknowingly in the service of the Great Old One Eihort. Led by a living mannequin composed of Eihort’s Brood, the children engage in pranks and abusive behaviour, and quickly accelerate to murder as they prepare the way for Eihort. Eihort’s purpose in this adventure is to take advantage of a meteor shower and thereby loosen its restrictions to the magical labyrinth in which it has been confined for eons. It will not be free, but if all goes right it will be freer.


Player Handouts:

  • Jamie Upton’s Statement
  • "Late-Night Fire Kills One"
  • Mythos tome passages

Locations: Camside


Tomes and Artifacts: N/A



Keeper Comments