Create Heart Seeker

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Create Heart Seeker is an obscure ritual used to create living corpses that seek human hearts. This spell is occasionally used by high ranking members of the Blood; an ancient secret society which worships the Great Old One Chaugnar Faugn.

In order to create a Heart Seeker the sorcerer must first have access to a fresh and intact corpse. The heart must be extracted with a ritual dagger and the corpse must be completely drained of blood using specific implements. After performing a three hour long ritual chant, the bloodless corpse rises up. This undead being is compelled to find another human heart (the sorcerer chooses the heart the corpse must seek) - once the corpse obtains another heart, it dissolves into putrescence. Heart Seekers are suprisingly vunerable to fire which dissolves there artificially animated flesh.


Eight Magic Points and Six Sanity points must be expended when casting this spell.