Colonial Lovecraft Country (Supplement)

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[NB: This is the working title of this supplement, and could change prior to publication]


Publisher: Sixtystone Press

Product Code: TBA

Announce Date: March, 2010

Expected Publication Date: None Announced

Project Status: Unknown

Expected Page Count: TBA

Author(s): Kevin A. Ross, Scott David Aniolowski, Fred Behrendt, Todd Woods

Artist(s): TBA

Setting(s): 1750s New England

Format(s): Softcover and PDF

ISBN: #########-#


This sourcebook covers Colonial Lovecraft Country, with a default date of 1750, but discusses events throughout the 18th century. There are chapters on character creation and history, along with brief Lovecraft Country-styled chapters on Arkham, Boston, Dunwich, Kingsport, Providence and Salem, with normal locations and lots and lots of characters, creatures and situations from history, fiction, games, and Lovecraftiana.

There’s also a selection of sample NPCs, a brief overview of other New England colonies (with selected weird sites), an article on creating colonial adventures, a longish discussion of various Mythos entities and how they might be encountered in the setting, ditto for Mythos books, ditto for witches and witchcraft. Two intro adventures round out the book.

Scenarios: Scenario 1, Scenario 2

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Comments / Trivia

The publisher plans to support the Colonial Lovecraft Country setting, initially with two additional books:


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