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Announced Title Publisher Status Expected Release Era
?? Horror at Innsmouth Chaosium A ?? C?
?? Jack the Ripper Chaosium A Later released as monograph Gaslight
1989 One Night: Cthulhu Mega Adventure Chaosium A ?? ??
?? British and European Sourcepack Games Workshop A ?? C
?? Shades of Terror Games Workshop A Summer 1985 Modern (1980s)
1984? The Toy Shop TOME A ?? C?
1984? Heka Hoy TOME A ?? C?
1994 Mysteries of New England Pagan Publishing A ?? C
1994? 'Untitled King in Yellow Campaign' Pagan Publishing ? ? C
1994? End Times (Pagan Publishing) Pagan Publishing A Later released as monograph O {End Times}
1995? Untitled(?) Dreamlands Scenario Collection Chaosium A ?? C
1998 Children of the Deep Chaosium A 1999? C {1930s}
1999 The Black Chamber Chaosium A 2000 C
1999 Book of Hidden Things Pagan Publishing ? ? M
2000 Delta Green: Our Darkest Hour Pagan Publishing D ? O {WWII}
2000 Agents, Friendlies, and Bronsons Pagan Publishing ? 2000? M
2003? Keepers of the Faith Chaosium Cancelled 2005 C
2007 Mysteries of Manchuria Pagan Publishing ? ? C
2007 Mysteries of Mesopotamia Pagan Publishing ? ? C
2007 Mysteries of Micronesia Pagan Publishing ? ? C
2008 Blackmoore Global Laboratories Chaosium D 2011 (Late?) M
2008 The Outer Gods Miskatonic River Press C ?? C
2008 (Sep) Thrice Damned Dunbriar Miskatonic River Press C ?? D
2009 (Jan) Mysteries of the Old West Pagan Publishing D? ?? O{Wild West}
2009 (Jan) Horrors of War: A Covenant With Death Pagan Publishing D ?? (Kickstarter funded Sep 2014) SO {WW I}
2009 (Apr) This Sceptr'd Isle Adamant Entertainment A? ?? O {Elizabethan England}
2009 (Apr) Shadows of the Red Hand Adamant Entertainment A? ?? C
2009 (May) After Lovecraft: The Thing on the Doorstep Super Genius Games A? ?? C?
2009 (Oct) Deep in the Heart of Texas Super Genius Games A? Reportedly "on indefinate hold" O {Wild West}
2009 (Nov) Unhallowed Wizardry Sixtystone Press N N/A S
2010 (Feb) Shiva, In Silvered Glass Miskatonic River Press A reported cancelled Mar 2011 G
2010 Delta Green: A Night At The Opera
(was "Darkened Rooms")
Pagan Publishing /
Arc Dream Publishing
2010 (Mar) Colonial Lovecraft Country Sixtystone Press N N/A SO {1750s}
2010 (Mar) The Devil's Wedding and Other Tales Sixtystone Press N N/A O {1750s}
2010 (Mar) The Curwen Conspiracies Sixtystone Press N N/A O {1750s}
2011 (Feb) Fury of Yig Sixtystone Press N N/A M
2011 (Feb) Ghouls: Eaters of the Dead Sixtystone Press D 2013 S {all eras}
2011 (Mar) The Black Seal: Cthulhu By Arclight Brichester University Press N N/A O {Vietnam War}
2011 (Mar) The Black Seal: Missing In Action Brichester University Press N N/A O {Vietnam War}
2011 (Jul) Forgotten Corners of Lovecraft Country, Volume 1 Chaosium D 2015? C
2011 (Aug) Malleus Monstrorum Companion Chaosium N 2012? S
2011 (Aug) World War Cthulhu: Home Fires Burning Cubicle 7 D 2013 S?O {WW2}
2011 (Aug) World War Cthulhu: Zero Point Cubicle 7 A published instead under Achtung Cthulhu O {WW2}
2011 (Dec) Investigator Weapons for the Gaslight Era Sixtystone Press O N G
2012 (Mar) Shadows of Moscow Chaosium D 2012 C {1930s Russia}
2012 (Dec) Untitled Elizabethan Sourcebook Cubicle 7 O ? O {Elizabethan England}
2012 (Dec) Untitled Oxford/Cambridge Sourcebook Cubicle 7 O ? C?
2012 (Dec) Untitled United Kingdom Sourcebook Cubicle 7 O ? C
2013 (Feb) Achtung Cthulhu: Distant Fronts Modiphius O Aug 2013 O {WW2}
2013 (Feb) Achtung Cthulhu: Bye Bye Baby! Modiphius O Summer 2014 O {WW2}
2013 (Feb) Cthulhu Adventus Stygian Fox O 2014? O {dystopian alternate}
2013 (April) Blood Brothers 3 Chaosium O ? Various
2013 (Sep) Against the Flame Unbound Publishing O Late 2014 O (Great War)
2013 (Dec) Cthulhu Dark Ages, 2nd Edition Chaosium O Limited release at GenCon2015; final release delayed D
2013 (Dec) Revised Keeper's Companion Chaosium O ? S
2013 (Dec) Untitled Cthulhu Britannica Book: Nottingham Cubicle 7 O ? C
2013 (Dec) Untitled Cthulhu Britannica Book: Liverpool Cubicle 7 O ? C
2014 (Apr) The Cat Army of Ulthar Sixtystone Press O ? C?
2016 (Jan) Achtung Cthulhu: Adventure Series 1 Modiphius O 2016 O {WW2}
2016 (Jan) Achtung Cthulhu: Black Sun & Nachtwolfe Modiphius O 2016 O {WW2}
2016 (Jun) Children of Fear (Campaign) Chaosium N 2017? C
2016 (Jun) Curse of Seven (Gaslight Campaign by Penelope Love) Chaosium N 2017? G
2016 (Sep) Brotherhood of the Tapestry Stygian Fox N ? S, D
2016 (Dec) Heroic Tails of History - Cats vs The Cthulhu Mythos (Cathulhu) Golden Goblin Press N 2018? I, D, O {Ancient Egypt}
2018 (Jan) Australian Aeons Chaosium N ? various

Status codes used are: N = No date set, O = On Track for a release, A = Abandoned, D = Delayed

Era/Type codes used: S = Sourcebook, D = Dark Ages, G = Gaslight (1890s), C = Classic (aka 1920s & 30s), M = Modern, F = Future, I = Cthulhu Invictus (Roman), Dr = Dreamlands, O = Other


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'''Publisher:''' [[Publisher Name]]

'''Product Code:''' ABC123

'''Announce Date:''' ####

'''Expected Publication Date:''' ####

'''Project Status:''' On Track | Abandoned | Delayed

'''Expected Page Count:''' ###

'''Author(s):''' [[Author 1]], [[Author 2]]

'''Artist(s):''' [[Artist 1]], [[Artist 2]]

'''Setting(s):''' [[1890s]], [[1920s]], [[Modern]], [[Delta Green]]

'''Format(s):''' Monograph, Hardcover, Softcover

'''ISBN:''' #########-#


'''Campaigns:''' [[Campaign 1]], [[Campaign 2]]

'''Scenarios:''' [[Scenario 1]], [[Scenario 2]]

'''Articles:''' [[Article 1]], [[Article 2]]

'''Additional:''' Introduction, Player Handouts
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