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The Call of Cthulhu (RPG) has over the past quarter century had of 200 supplements published for it in the English language.

The following links below lead to individual Wiki entries for each supplement. (to be filled and updated, obviously!)

The Gateway Bestiary 1980

Shadows of Yog-Sothoth 1982

Cthulhu Companion 1983

Death in Dunwich 1983

Pursuit to Kadath 1983

The Arkham Evil 1983

The Asylum and Other Tales 1983

Curse of the Chthonians 1984

Glozel Est Authentique! 1984

Masks of Nyarlathotep 1984

The Fungi from Yuggoth 1984

The Horrible Secret of Monhegan Island 1984

The Trail of Tsathogghua 1984

Whispers from the Abyss and Other Tales 1984

Alone Against the Dark 1985

Alone Against the Wendigo 1985

Fragments of Fear 1985

Nightmare in Norway 1985

Trail of the Loathsome Slime 1985

Cthulhu by Gaslight 1986

H.P. Lovecraft's Dreamlands 1986

Terror from the Stars 1986

The Spawn of Azathoth 1986

Arkham Horror 1987

Cthulhu Now 1987

Terror Australis 1987

Cthulhu Classics 1989

The Great Old Ones 1989

Arkham Unveiled 1990

At Your Door 1990

Blood Brothers 1990

Curse of Cthulhu 1990

Fatal Experiments 1990

Mansions of Madness 1990

The Cthulhu Casebook 1990

Dark Designs 1991

Horror on the Orient Express 1991

Kingsport 1991

Return to Dunwich 1991

Tales of the Miskatonic Valley 1991

Alone on Halloween 1992

Blood Brothers 2 1992

Escape from Innsmouth 1992

Fearful Passages 1992

Grimrock Isle 1992

The Stars are Right! (1st Ed.) 1992

The Thing at the Threshold 1992

1920's Investigator's Companion, Vol. 1 1993

Adventures in Arkham Country 1993

Devil's Children 1993

Keeper's Compendium 1993

Sacraments of Evil 1993

Grace Under Pressure 1993

Whispers in the Dark 1993

1920's Investigator's Companion, Vol. 2 1994

End of the World 1994

King of Chicago 1994

Walker in the Wastes 1994

Ye Booke of Monsteres, Vol. 1 1994

1990's Handbook 1995

Coming Full Circle 1995

In the Shadows 1995

Strange Aeons 1995

Taint of Madness 1995

The Cairo Guidebook 1995

The Compact Arkham Unveiled 1995

The Resurrected Vol. 2: Of Keys and Gates 1995

Ye Booke of Monsteres, Vol. 2 1995

Dwellers in Shadow 1996

Horror's Heart 1996

The Complete Masks of Nyarlathotep 1996

The Golden Dawn 1996

The London Guidebook 1996

Utatti Asfet: The Eye of Wicked Sight 1996

A Resection of Time 1997

Arkham Sanitarium 1997

Cthulhu Live 1997

Delta Green 1997

Escape from Innsmouth, Second Edition 1997

Minions 1997

Nocturnum Book One: Long Shades 1997

Secrets 1997

The 1920's Investigator's Companion 1997

The Compact Trail of Tsathoggua 1997

The Complete Dreamlands 1997

The Dreaming Stone 1997

The New Orleans Guidebook 1997

The Realm of Shadows 1997

Before the Fall 1998

Day of the Beast 1998

Dead Reckonings 1998

Delta Green Eyes Only: Machinations of the Mi-Go 1998

Delta Green Eyes Only, Vol. 2: The Fate 1998

Mortal Coils 1998

No Man's Land 1998

Nocturnum Book Two: Hollow Winds 1998

The Bermuda Triangle 1998

The Creature Companion 1998

Beyond the Mountains of Madness 1999

Cthulhu Live, Second Edition 1999

Delta Green: Countdown 1999

Last Rites 1999

Nocturnum Book Three: Deep Secrets 1999

and so on until...

Shadows of Yog-Sothoth Second Edition 2004

The Stars Are Right! Second Edition 2004

Spawn of Azathoth Second Edition 2005

Secrets of New York 2005

Miskatonic University: the University Guidebook 1995

Miskatonic University (Supplement) 2005

Tatters of the King 2006


Cut-n-Paste everything in the following block for each Supplement. Remove irrelevant sections.

[[Image:name_of_uploaded_image.jpg|thumb|''Name of Page'']]
[[Image:name_of_additional_optional_image.jpg|thumb|''Name of Image'']]

'''Publisher:''' [[Publisher Name]]

'''Product Code:''' ABC123

'''Publishing Year:''' ####

'''Pages:''' ###

'''Cover Price:''' $##.##

'''Author(s):''' [[Author 1]], [[Author 2]]

'''Artist(s):''' [[Artist 1]], [[Artist 2]]

'''Setting(s):''' [[1890s]], [[1920s]], [[Modern]], [[Delta Green]]

'''Format(s):''' Monograph, Hardcover, Softcover


'''Campaigns:''' [[Campaign 1]], [[Campaign 2]]

'''Scenarios:''' [[Scenario 1]], [[Scenario 2]]

'''Articles:''' [[Article 1]], [[Article 2]]

'''Additional:''' Introduction, Player Handouts
==Front Cover Text==
List all the text from the front cover.
==Back Cover Text==
List all the text on the back cover.
==Comments / Trivia==
List dedication, color plates, rarity of the book, etc.

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