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I ran into some references to a couple of these, and remembered a few others from my childhood - they're probably useless as-is, but might help pad a mythos tome with flavor text or might serve as inspiration for spells that would be useful in a game context:

  • spells to whistle fire out of burns and blood out of cuts
  • spells to tame fire and drive snakes away
  • once you share or write down the secret of a spell, you lose it, thus they are passed down as an oral tradition on the healer's deathbed
  • a pendulum made from a copper ring on a piece of yarn can be used to predict the sex of a baby during pregnancy
  • spell: to cure a pox, slaughter a chicken on a night of the full moon and bathe the blisters in blood

Ywhateley (talk) 18:53, 26 March 2020 (UTC)