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Films that name-drop typically famous Lovecraft creations (such as Cthulhu, Necronomicon, Miskatonic University, etc.), inserting themselves into the shared universe that Lovecraft helped to create.

Adaptations of Lovecraft's stories do not count.

Sometimes, this can take the form of an "In Name Only" film that has nothing to do with Lovecraft's work, beyond a "shout out" in the form of the title of a tome, or someone mentioning Yog-Sothoth in a list of cult jargon, or sometimes not even that much such as the case of films that refer to Lovecraft or one of his creations in its title but are in fact generic "slasher" or "torture porn" films (for example) which seem to be name-dropping Lovecraft for artistic or thematic reason whatsoever. Lovecraft-themed parodies and comedies will also likely fall into this category, by using Lovecraft-themed in-jokes in an otherwise non-Lovecraftian story.