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Films featuring arcane tomes, books, scrolls, tablets, and other ancient documents.

Generally, this will take the form of a fairly generic Necronomicon Ex-Mortis under various names used for summoning demons and opening portals and whatnot, or even one of the classic big-name Mythos Tomes used for similar reasons or just for atmosphere, but not necessarily (the film The Ninth Gate (1999 film) features books in a more subtle and allegorical sense, for example).

Trivia: Bibliophobia is a fear of books; xenoglossophobia is a fear of foreign or dead languages; wiccaphobia is a fear of witches and witchcraft; rhabdophobia is a fear of magic or magicians (the word refers to a magic wand or staff; the term can also refer to a fear of being struck or beaten with a rod or staff; victims who are afraid of magic are typically afraid of a specific type of magic - illusion or stage magic, for example, or sorcery, or shock/geek/bizarre magic such as sword-swallowing or resting on a bed of nails); thaumatophobia is a fear of miracles; theologicophobia is a fear of theology; cryptophobia is a fear of secrets and hidden knowledge; papyrophobia is a fear of paper; chronophobia is a fear of time (perhaps the time that a very ancient book implies); graphophobia is a fear of writing or handwriting; sophophobia, epistemophobia, and gnosiophobia are respectively fears of learning, knowledge, and wisdom; numerophobia or arithmophobia is the fear of numbers and equations; symbolophobia is the fear of symbolism.