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Films that feature "Hollow Earth" subterranean civilizations on a grand scale, or perhaps simply caves full of troglodytic "Little People" (Faeries, Ghouls, Serpent People, Deros, and the like), waiting deep in the Earth for a chance to reach up and snatch hapless surface-dwellers out of their every-day lives on the unguarded borders against the Unknown. Their location will generally be literally somewhere deep under the Earth, though this "underground" realm can sometimes actually take the form of strange "faerie lands" in alternate dimensions (Dreamlands or the Other Side, for example).

Though technically a sub-sub-genre of the "Lost World" genre which includes Lost Continent and Mysterious Island stories, the Hollow Earth tends to take on a more paranoid, surreal, and sinister flavor. See Category:Film:LostContinent for the more general Lost World variety of this subgenre of speculative fiction, which tends to take on either a more sword-and-sandal fantasy adventure tone, often mixed with a bit of the Victorian imperial/colonial civilization-and-ingenuity-meets-the-savages theme.

Trivia: Capgras delusion is the belief that (usually) a close relative or spouse has been replaced by an identical-looking impostor or changeling; xenophobia is a fear of strangers, foreigners, or aliens; teratophobia is a fear of monsters or deformed people; anthropariophobia is a fear of short people; caecophobia is a fear of blind people; gerontophobia is a fear of elderly people; gigantasophobia is a fear of tall people; macilentophobia is a fear of skinny people; pedophobia, paedophobia, or pediaphobia is a fear of children; abductophobia is the fear of abduction; speluncaphobia is a fear of caves; pithecophobia (fear of monkeys, apes, or primitive peoplebathophobia is a fear of depths (including tunnels and caves); claustrophobia is a fear of confined spaces (such as narrow or low tunnels); stenophobia is a fear of narrow things or places; agoraphobia is a fear of open spaces (such as vast hollows in the Earth); kenophobia is a fear of voids or empty spaces; atephobia is a fear of ruin or ruins; petraphobia is a fear of rocks; minicelarophobia is a fear of low ceilings; achluophobia, lygophobia, myctophobia, or scotophobia is a fear of general darkness or being in the dark; sciophobia (or sciaphobia) is a fear of shadows; . Some related phobias might include herpetophobia (a fear of reptiles), pithecophobia (fear of monkeys, apes, or cave men), xotikophobia (fear of elves).

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