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"Four-Tentacle Media" - media that has been roughly rated 4/5 "tentacles" on a scale of how "Lovecraftian" it is.

Four tentacles generally indicates that these films were based on Lovecraft stories, and include most of the elements expected for a perfectly "Lovecraftian" film - the right mood/atmosphere, bizarre monsters, references to Lovecraft's unique pantheon of bizarre alien gods or freakish inhuman races or sinister occult tomes or imaginary New England cities, etc.

Four-tentacle films are usually close, but not perfect adaptations of Lovecraft's stories, but sometimes are close adaptations of atypical Lovecraft stories.

The number of tentacles is not an indication of quality - these are not necessarily good films - but these films are a good place to look if you are curious about what a fairly accurate Lovecraft adaptation looks like.

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