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Fear of darkness is one of the most ancient and common forms of the general fear of the unknown which early man must have depended upon for survival in a world where darkness might hide all manner of threats.

Predictably, darkness will probably play a part in most horror films; this category will be used mainly for those films where the night and darkness itself play a more direct role in representing the danger and threat of the unknown - those films where darkness and the night play a very central role in the film....

Trivia: Nyctophobia is a fear of the night and the darkness of night; achluophobia, lygophobia, myctophobia, or scotophobia is a fear of general darkness or being in the dark; sciophobia (or sciaphobia) is a fear of shadows; melanophobia is a fear of the color black; nyctohylophobia is a fear of dark forests. Some perhaps related phobias are sophophobia, epistemophobia, and gnosiophobia (fears of learning, knowledge, and wisdom), in relation to a fear of discovering what is hidden in the dark.