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This category collects scenarios featuring unusual individuals (be they human, humanoid or nothing of the sort) that may recur across adventures. It reflects the category of the same name in Malleus Monstrorum. As quoted there: "Unique Entities run the entire gamut of possibility, but are often powerful, unusual beings that have the god-like ability of being dispelled upon reduction to zero hit points or less, rather than death. Often mere damage cannot destroy a Unique Entity. Certain Unique Entities may, over time, evolve into Great Old Ones."

More broadly, this category might include individuals likely to feature in multiple scenarios, such as characters from Lovecraft's writing. This allows scenarios to be grouped on the basis of a common NPC or unique monster, without overwhelming the list of Category:CoC:Scenarios by creature with specific individuals.

Individuals that also fall under a category (such as Category:CoC:Sorcerer scenarios for Wizard Whateley) should be added there as well.