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Camazotz (AKA: The Death-Bat, The Bat-Devil, )

Origin: Mayan mythology

In the Mythos

Camazotz, the Death Bat

The bat-god Camazotz, worshiped by the Mayan Priests of Tulúm at the ruin city of Xamanik. Camazotz is typically depicted as a powerful bat-like god-monster from the hellish domain of Xibalba, where he presides a retinue of 12 bat-things, demon-lords of Xibalba. Though powerful enough to destroy entire civilizations, Camazotz made a treaty with human beings to bring them fire… but in exchange, he demanded human sacrifices.

The Ghost-City of Xibalba

Xibalba, Camazotz' kingdom of ruin in the Astral Void, appears to have once been an alien city of great technical sophistication and complexity and tremendous age, long since come to nameless ruin and abandoned by its long-forgotten builders. Its deserted gardens and vacant buildings are now haunted by strange and reclusive spirits of the Other Side, ruled over by Camazotz and its bat-demons.

Among the ruins are various desolate "palaces" and gardens claimed by Camazotz and his demons, and a hellish court to which the demons are said to carry human victims, and force them to play in monstrous games, such as a "ball" game played with severed human heads, and other, more mysterious performances for mysterious reasons unknown to any earthly beings, but believed to be for the mad, sadistic amusement of the lost and malevolent spirits dwelling in Xibalba.

Legend also attributes Xibalba with a bizarre and repugnant geography, such as the city being built upon the corpse of a dead or dying and diseased god, with canals filled with pus running through the city, pits filled with decayed flesh writhing with vermin, and other horrors of flesh, as well as buildings filled with strange traps to confuse travelers in the Astral Plane, causing them to become lost in this shadow world, while the voyagers' bodies lay in the Daylands, vulnerable to possession by alien spirits seeking entrance to the waking world.

The Bat-Demons of Xibalba

Sadistic Nightgaunts in service to Camazotz, said to swoop down upon unwary Astral voyagers through the darkness of the Other Side, and inflict upon them various forms of horrible death:

  • Hun-Came ("First Death", chief of the Bat-Demons, he who severs the silver cord binding Astral travelers to their physical bodies)
  • Vucub-Came ("Seven-Death", he who destroys travelers on all Seven Planes, including the Daylands, Dreamlands, and the Other Side)
  • Xiquiripat ("Flying Scab", demon of blood poisoning)
  • Cuchumaquic ("Gathered Blood", demon of gangrene)
  • Ahalpuh ("Pus Demon")
  • Ahalgana ("Jaundice Demon")
  • Chamiabac ("Bone Staff", demon of dessication)
  • Chamiaholom ("Skull Staff", demon of decay)
  • Ahalmez ("Sweepings Demon", demon of the vermin that live in the unswept areas of people's houses)
  • Ahaltocob ("Stabbing Demon", demon of venomous stings)
  • Xic ("Wing", who causes people to die coughing up blood)
  • Patan ("Packstrap", demon of strangulation)

Heresies and Controversies

Keeper Notes


Description of Cult: The cult of Camazotz is all but extinct in the modern world, but may once have been popular with shamanistic peoples who traveled regularly in the Astral world, and appeased Camazotz and his demons with human sacrifices in exchange for the gift of fire. Such cults might consist of Human Cultists, with priests dressing as bats, ghoulish black-and-white facepaint, employing imagery of fire, death, and darkness.

Associated Mythos Elements