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A Byakhee is a inter-dimensional being described as a combination of bat, bird, and insect, a vaguely humnaoid creature with an insectoid, segmented body, membranous batlike wings, and taloned birdlike legs. There are believed to be two separate species named Byakhees (or two sub-species of Byakhees) but there is no confirmation of this. What differences may exist between the two is also unknown. They are servants of Hastur and are instrumental in many of his rituals. Byakees can be summoned as a method of interstellar travel. Byakhees have an organ in their abdomes called a Hune. This organ allows the Byakhees to travel vast distances in space so quickly that it may appear to be teleportation to some. It is unknown whether this is done through the opening of a wormhole, bending of time and space or if it gives the Byakhee the ability to break the light-speed barrier.