Bookhounds of London Limited Edition

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Publisher: Pelgrane Press

Product Code:

Publishing Year: 2011


Cover Price:

Author(s): Kenneth Hite

Artist(s): Jérôme Huguenin

Style(s): Sourcebook and Campaign Setting

Format(s): Hardcover, with colour plates and PDF



As yet no substantive differences have been found between the Limited and Standard editions however given the mystery surounding Augustus Darcy there may be something yet to find.

Limited edition sets

  • A limited edition faux leather bound, gold-embossed copy of Bookhounds of London, signed by Kenneth Hite with a Lovecraftian word added in his fair hand, words which have been received so far include Horrendous, Ululating, Salivating and Tekeli-Li!
  • A limited edition of Augustus Darcy’s Occult Guide (Liber Fumo de Frater Vigilo) presented as an in world-artifact, hardbound, cloth covered, numbered, gold embossed with an exclusive dust cover.
  • Genuine 1930s ephemera selected from by Steve and Paula Dempsey (contributor and Occult Guide writer respectively). This includes:
  • A unique clue to the death of Augustus Darcy. This varies depending on whether the set is US or non-US. The US sets included a talisman featuring a leafed branch design featured in and on the Liber Fumo. The non-US sets include a map section or Map piece which together will form a map of London marked with strange symbols and lines. As yet the map is not complete but certain patterns are starting to emerge.

All this presented in Augustus Darcy’s olive green haversack, protected by a mystic sigil which appears to comprise three Enochian letters. The Enochian language was used by Dr John Dee and Edward Kelly to talk to angels and appears to be a major part of the murder plot and specifically the map of London which is coming together. The precise letters are the still unclear. They appear to be either 'Na Ged Or' or 'Na Gal Or' (English equivalents HGF or HDF) but which (if either) it is and what it might mean are still sources of conjecture.

Table of Bookhounds Ephemera