Bookhounds of London

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Front Cover

Publisher: Pelgrane Press

Product Code: PELGT16

Publishing Year: 2011

Pages: 184

Cover Price: $34.95

Author(s): Kenneth Hite

Artist(s): Jérôme Huguenin

Style(s): Sourcebook and Campaign Setting

Format(s): Hardcover

ISBN: 9780954752637


Bookhounds of London describes itself as a campaign frame.

Your characters aren’t stalwart G-men or tweedy scholars this time around, serving their country or sealing off forbidden frontiers. They’re working the main chance, and selling maps (and maybe guidebooks) to those forbidden frontiers. They are book-hounds, looking for profit in mouldy vellum and leather bindings, balancing their own books by finding first editions for Satanists and would-be sorcerers. They may not quite know what they traffic in, or they may know rather better than their clientele. Peddlers of blasphemy and madness aren’t nice people, and the only consolation is that their customers are worse yet.

In a Book-Hounds of London campaign, the Investigators do not investigate horror and strangeness professionally. Rather, they investigate books about horror and strangeness and become, seemingly inevitably, drawn into the horror themselves. If they could just sell a pristine copy of the 1845 Bridewell edition of Nameless Cults, pocket their 40% (or 400%) and move on, they would. But it’s never that simple. Not for them. Not for book-hounds. Not in London. Not now.

Featuring new drives, hints for running your games as a "sandbox" and a sample adventure, Whitechapel Blackletter.

The sourcebook is organised as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Book-Hounds
    • Creating a Book-Hound
    • Occupations
    • Drives
    • New Abilities
    • Bookshops
    • Improving Bookshop Stock
    • The Book Trade
  • The Purchase of Curious Tomes
    • Finding a Book
    • Auctions
    • Libraries
    • The Books Themselves
    • Occult Books
    • Mythos Tomes
  • Thirties London
    • Twenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky
    • Rumours of London
    • Westminster
    • The West End
    • The East End
    • North London
    • South London
  • The London Mythos
    • Cults
    • Corebook Cults
  • London's Monsters
    • An Optional Magick
    • Megapolisomancy
  • Building a Bookhounds Campaign
    • Styles
    • Dramatis Personae
    • Rivals
    • Collectors
    • Scenarios
    • Player-Driven Adventures
  • Example Scenario: Whitechapel Black-Letter
  • Bibliography
    • Howard and Campbell
    • Other Urban Horrorists
    • London
    • Book-Hounds
    • Antiquarian Book Dealers of London
    • 1930s Rare Book Prices

Campaigns: This book provides a setting for running a Book-Hounds-based Campaign

Scenarios: Whitechapel Black-Letter

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