Book of Dark Wisdom, Issue 02

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Front Cover

Magazine: Book of Dark Wisdom

Publisher: Elder Signs Press

Product Code: N/A

Publishing Year: 2003

Pages: 88

Cover Price: $6.00

Editor: William Jones

Authors: Dustin Wright, Deborah Jones, Brian M. Sammons, Jerzy Cichocki, Kevin Music, Justin Martin, James Roth, Lee Clark Zumpe, James Roth, David Conyers, Badger McInnes, Christopher Fulbright, Steven L. Shrewsbury

Artists: Rebecca Kemp, Justin Martin, Deborah Jones, Mike Middleton, John Zsigo, Tracey Potter Zumpe

Format: Softcover


Scenarios: Shadows by the Fireside (Pages 14 - 17), Mrs. Bentley's Coloring Books (Pages 52 - 55), The Demons of Hithfenn (Pages 56 - 72)

Articles: A Federal Case: An Examination of the FBI (Pt. 2), Monsters and Their Kynde (Pt. 1), Mind Blanked Yith Agent,

Fiction: Program of the Elder Gods (Pt. 2), What Rough Beast Comes (Pt. 1),

Poetry: Beneath Appalachian Twilight, Lovecraft's Lament

Additional: Reflections from Leng (Chaosium News), Dark Library (Tomes), Strange Beings (Races), Relics (Artifacts), Mad Ramblings (Editorial)

Comments / Trivia

This was the last issue of the Book of Dark Wisdom that featured gaming content.


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