Bad Moon Rising

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Included in "Great Old Ones"

Pages: 39

Author(s): Marcus L. Rowland

Artist(s): TBD

Setting: 1920s (nominally 1927)

Appears in: The Great Old Ones (Supplement).

Campaign: Some of the different scenarios in this book are very loosely connected and could conceivably be run as a campaign of sorts.


The Investigators attend a scentific demonstration of precognition, at the Diogenes Club in London. At this odd event they become enmeshed in an unusual British Navy operation which is taking place in Lancashire.


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Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


The Royal Navy has stumbled upon a most extraordinary discovery -- a year ago, miners discovered a Gate which opened onto a vacuum-filled chamber on the Moon. Using the technology at their disposal (self-contained diving suits), the Navy established a permanent base on the other side of the gate: the HMS Selene. Unfortunately the complex which they have occupied was one built by the Great Race and is in fact a location important to that alien species, an "ark" of sorts carrying their knowledge into that future time when they will once again rule the Earth.

The Investigators become involved in an inquest held in Lancashire to establish the cause of death of two Navy divers. This is a whitewash to cover the fact that the men in question died as part of the moon mission. Following up on clues surrounding this case leads the Investigators to the mine near St Bees which houses the Gate and eventually to the Navy base on the moon and the odd pyramids which surround it. They eventually encounter the beetle-like future-bug-form of the Great Race which hurry them into a crystal egg, actually part of a strange experiment into the future destiny of the Universe. Locked inside this stasis field they can witness the natural death of our Universe and the birth of the next iteration -- the most disturbing realisation is that the Outer Gods and Great Old Ones survive the death of the Universe and carry on into the next.

At the end of this cosmic revelation, the Investigators can either find themselves landing in a parallel version of reality (the next Universe's version of the 1920s), or a Gaslight-era campaign, or Earth's Dreamlands, or an alternate modern-day.


Player Handouts: Newspaper article, map of Lancashire, Telegram, diagram of diving suit, map of HMS Selene, Translation of inscription

Locations: Barrow-in-Furness, the Moon

Creatures: Great Race of Yith, Hound of Tindalow

Tomes and Artifacts: None

Campaigns / Scenarios: Suggestions are offered in The Great Old Ones (Supplement) about linking its various scenarios into a very loose campaign.


The scenario includes a creature write-up for the future (bug) version of the Great Race. It also includes guidelines for determining which Mythos spells work on the Moon.

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