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[[Category:CoC:City scenarios]]
[[Category:CoC:City scenarios]]
[[Category:CoC:Rural, remote and backwoods scenarios]]
[[Category:CoC:Rural, remote and backwoods scenarios]]
[[Category:CoC:Modern scenarios]]
[[Category:CoC:1980s scenarios]]

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Front Cover


Pages: 11

Author(s): Mark Morrison

Artist(s): Earl Geier, Phil Anderson (map)

Setting: Late 1980s (Modern)

Appears in: Dagon, Issue 18-19, At Your Door


The investigators drive about searching for clues regarding the missing Dr. Tait and uncover evidence more mobile than any sane person would bargain for.

Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


In tracing Tait, investigators learn that the man recently bought a farm far from Samson. Harold Gall, the unpleasant former owner of the farm, also has a tale to tell, but truth of it is hard to learn. There's little trace of Tait at the farm but investigators discover a bizarre and dangerous life form created by Gall, a threatening sentient gel. If the investigators have no reason to suspect Dawn Biozyme before, they do after visiting the deserted farm.


Player Handouts: Book page

Locations: Samson and Delilah, California

Creatures: The Gel-Creature, killer plants, Dog-Thing, Horse-Thing, Steven-Thing, The Animal Parts Thing,

Tomes and Artifacts: None


Written in the style of T.E.D. Klein

Keeper Comments

The opening and setting are deliberately vague. Depending on the players, the Keeper may decide to run this as a detour in another scenario.