Arkham Investigator

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Arkham Investigator (1st Printing)
Arkham Investigator (2nd Printing)


Publisher: Self-Published

Product Code/SKU: None

ISBN: None

Year: 2013

Designer(s): Hal Eccles

Artist(s): Miguel Vara

Number of Players: 1 or more players

Estimated Playing Time: None

Suggested Ages: None

Expansions: Arkham Investigator: The King Cometh, Arkham Investigator: Slumbering Solace (Unreleased)

Other Editions: Mythos Tales (2nd Edition)


From the rules (2nd Printing):

In this game, based heavily on the works of H.P. Lovecraft and his literary successors, you'll be presented with a series of bizarre and dangerous investigations whose resolution will be down to you.

In each investigation, you will be presented with a series of clues, a map of the town of Arkham, a directory, and the local newspaper - 'The Arkham Advertiser'. In addition, Armitage has assembled a string of contacts and alliances covering a wide field of expertise to help you with your sleuthing. From Inspector Garrison at the Arkham Police Department, to the enigmatic, but odious, occultist Pasquale Fenton; they are able to provide unique perspectives on the evil that haunts the streets of Arkham.

Armitage wants his young students of the occult to learn on the job, and learn fast. With the clues presented, it is your responsibility to hit the streets of Arkham and put in the legwork to solve the conspiracy or mystery at the heart of the investigation. You decide when you have enough information to uncover the truth. Act too soon and it is likely that you will have missed important details; however wait too long and investigate every lead available to you will discourage Armitage's faith in you.

At the end of your investigation you will be cross-examined by Armitage with a series of questions that will test the extent to which you have uncovered the, often horrific, truth. He is a hard master, and only when he is satisfied that your powers of deduction come close to his own will he be happy to pass on the torch of his great work.

Comments / Trivia

The working title of Arkham Investigator was Arkham: Consulting Detective.

This game is modeled after the 1980's game Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, although they are not officially connected.

Arkham Investigator is a print-and-play game, with the game made available in PDF format and printed by players, who must also provide any other required accessories (such as dice.)

The first case for Arkham Investigator, "A Grain of Evil," is included with the core game. The second case, The King Cometh, is available separately.

This game has two editions, each with a different title: Arkham Investigator (1st Edition), and Mythos Tales (2nd Edition). This is the first edition. Additionally, the first edition of Arkham Investigator has two printings with different covers.

The publisher heavily edited the BoardGameGeek page for Arkham Investigator to promote Mythos Tales, to the point where it's very difficult to tell which information pertains to which edition.