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[[Image:Alone Against The Dark.jpg|thumb|''Front Cover'']]
'''Publisher:''' [[Chaosium]]
'''Publisher:''' [[Chaosium]]

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Front Cover

Publisher: Chaosium

Product Code: 2312

Publishing Year: 1985

Pages: 64

Cover Price: $?

Author: Matthew J. Costello

Illustrations: Krawczyk

Diagrams and Insert: Carolyn Schultz

Silhouette: Lisa A. Free

Settings: 1920s

Formats: Softcover


Scenarios: Alone Against the Dark

Additional: Introduction, Player Handouts

Front Cover Text

Defying the Triumph of the Ice

Back Cover Text

Four Friends in Peril...

  • Special Pyramid Search Insert.
  • 593 Entries -- Many Sub-Adventures and Horrifying Outcomes.
  • Trace Numbers for Convenient Backtracking.
  • Location System for Free-Will Geographical Movement Between Programmed Story Tracks.
  • Calendrical Record-Keeping and Expenditures in a Race Against Time.
  • Modified, Removable Investigator Sheets.

ALONE AGAINST THE DARK is a sinister solo adventure for CALL OF CTHULHU roleplayers. Beginning with the theft of a priceless relic, four friends are drawn one by one into a dark design of mystery and terror. As first a quiet linguistics professor from Miskatonic University, you must solve the riddle of disturbing disappearances to foresetall grim disasters which threaten the planet.

Professor Louis Grunewald -- the brains of the bunch

Ernest Holt -- the man with the money

Nora McShane -- the story is hers at the flutter of an eyelid

Lt. Devon Wilson -- the dashing young man of the sea

Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.

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