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Publisher: Mersey Leisure Publishing

Issue Count: 11


Adventurer was a general gaming magazine, covering broadly the same topics as White Dwarf. Articles covered fanzines, play by mail games, scenarios and general articles of interest to gamers, such as the pioneering "More Deadly than the Male" a series on the role of women in fantasy gaming that ran from issue 6 to issue 10. The magazine also published a lot of short fiction, most notably several short stories by Brian Lumley, including reprinting in two parts the comic book adaption of "Return to Arkham" that had appeared in the fifteenth issue of Dagon Magazine.

Issues with Call of Cthulhu Content

Adventurer, Issue 01 (1986)

Adventurer, Issue 03 (1986)

Adventurer, Issue 05 (1986)

Adventurer, Issue 07 (1987)

Adventurer, Issue 08 (1987)

Adventurer, Issue 10 (1987)

Comments / Trivia

  • In the last issue it is stated that the following issues would have seen the reprinting of a story by William Hope Hodgeson entitled "Black Veil" in two parts.
  • The last issue contains an early interview with author Terry Pratchett.


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