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[[Category:CoC:Artefact scenarios]]
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Pages: 8

Author(s): John Kennedy


Setting: 1910s (around the end of World War One)

Appears in: Christmas in Kingsport (monograph).



The period following World War I finds a world in change; an exciting time to be alive. Revolutions sweep the collapsing empires of eastern Europe. This tale is set in 1919 in Siberia during the Russian civil war.


Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


Some time in the 1200s, a Mi-Go crashed into the Siberian tundra. Badly hurt it 'downloaded' its consciousness into a set of crystals. These were later found and ultimately became the possession of a local family. Throughout the centuries, the spirit of the Mi-Go within the crystals has helped the descendents of the original discoverers by using its skills and experience to assist them in obtaining further power. Until by the early 20th, the family has achieved the status of local nobility, with the crystals being owned the Countess Anatasica Rastovstov.

Initially the Mi-Go was happy to help, since the increase in the level of influence of the crystals' owners translated into psionic energy that would assist it in rebuilding its crashed space craft and escaping. But the family has been exploiting the situation for too long, and the spirit of the Mi-Go has crafted a plan to escape.

Unfortunately, 1919 is not a good time to be of noble blood in Russia. In the height of the civil war, there are many factions who are intent on putting the Countess and all her family to death. To succeed in its plan, the Mi-Go must navigate this dangerous environment, find its way back to its crashed vessel and blackmail the Countess into helping it refill its psychic batteries.

The Investigators begin entirely oblivious to these machinations: they are Russian soldiers who remain loyal to the nobility. They have been charged with the task of protecting the Countess as she and her family flee from their pursuers.


Player Handouts: None

Locations: Siberia, 1919

Creatures: Mi-go, Tulzscha (passing reference)

Tomes and Artifacts: Snow White Crystal

Campaigns / Scenarios:


This is more of a scenario outline sketch than a fully developed adventure. Some work would need to be undertaken by the Keeper to flesh out this material before running this scenario.

Keeper Comments

Comments to Keepers about this scenario; Possibly how to run it successfully. Keep general DISCUSSION on the talk page.