A Cthulhian Miscellany

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Front Cover

Product Code: CHA0342

Publishing Year: 2007

Pages: 108

Cover Price: $19.00

Author(s): William A. Barton

Artist(s): Vicki L. Barton, Steve Harmon, Ronda-David Burroughs

Setting(s): 1890s, 1920s, Modern

Format: MULA Monograph

Released as PDF: yes


Skills This section contains rules for Skill Specialization, Gaining Familiarity with an Area, Cashing in Base Chance Skill Points, Combining Old Skills for New and Lucky Guesses.

It also includes skill descriptions for the following:

  * Agility
  * Acrobatics
  * Acting
  * Administration
  * Animal Handling
  * Architecture
  * Armorer
  * Biology
  * Blacksmith
  * Boating
  * Bribery
  * Cartography
  * Civics
  * Commuications
  * Criminology
  * Cryptography
  * Cryptozoology
  * Deduction
  * Diplomacy
  * Disguise
  * Divination
  * Diving
  * Economics
  * Engineering
  * Etiquette
  * Eugenics
  * Explosives
  * Folklore
  * Forensics
  * Forgery
  * Gambling
  * Geography
  * Gunsmith
  * Heavy Weapons
  * Hypnosis
  * Instruction
  * Interrogation
  * Invent
  * Journalism
  * Linguistics
  * Literature
  * Mathematics
  * Medicine
  * Mediumship
  * Metallurgy
  * Meteorology
  * Mimic
  * Mountaineering
  * Observation
  * Oceanology
  * Paleontology
  * Persuade
  * Pickpocket
  * Pilot Boat
  * Pilot UAV
  * Politics
  * Quickdraw
  * Ride Bicycle
  * Safecracking
  * Sailing
  * Seduction
  * Shiphandling
  * Sky-Diving
  * Sleight of Hand
  * Sports
  * Survival
  * Streetwise
  * Surgery
  * Tail
  * Theology/Philosophy
  * Triva/Lore
  * UFOlogy
  * Ventriloquism

Insanities and Phobias

This section contains rules for using phobias in play, handicapping beginning investigators with insanities, and catastrophic insanity rolls.

Insanity descriptions:

  * Kleptomania
  * Manic-Depressive
  * Megalomania
  * Obsession
  * Pathological Liar
  * Pyromania
  * Split Personality

Phobia descriptions:

  * Arachnophobia
  * Cynophobia
  * Hydrophobia
  * Lupophobia
  * Metamorphophobia
  * Mortalitiphobia
  * Ornithophobia
  * Philophobia
  * Phylophobia
  * Pyrophobia
  * Theophobia

Spells & Magical Artifacts

Spell descriptions:

  * Alter Form
  * Command Fire Swarm
  * Create Limbo Gate
  * Enchant Costume
  * Glamour
  * Tongues
  * Word of Power

Artifact descriptions:

  * The Crown of Y'ha Nthlei
  * Fire Vampire Charm
  * The Heart of Yog-Sothoth
  * Starstones of Mnar

Mythos Books

This section contains rules for reading spells directly from mythos books.

Mythos Book descriptions:

  * The Necronomicon (Montague translation)
  * Feery's Complete Notes on The Necronomicon
  * Gesicht des Böses
  * The Revelations of Glaaki (One-Volume Abridged version)
  * The Gomorrah Tablets
  * Vampyres in Transylvanian Folklore (Van Helsing)
  * Voodoo Hexes and Kurses
  * Cthulhu Among The Victorians
  * The Ripper Diary (also described in Return of the Ripper) 
  * The Testament of Yar-Surmazto (also described in Menace From The Moon)
  * Killer Comets, Winged Lobster Men and Other Threats From Space (also described in Menace From The Moon)


  * Moon Creatures (also described in Menace From The Moon)
  * Giant Rat of Sumatra (also described in Return of the Ripper) 
  * Morlocks (from H.G. Wells' The Time Machine)
  * Yar-Surmazto, Spectral High Priest of Atlantis (also described in Menace From The Moon)
  * Demons


  * Cyrus Barker, Jr. (background tied to events from the classic scenario The Asylum)
  * Violet Spade (background tied to events from the classic scenario Curse of Chaugnar Faugn)
  * Captain Sinbad Ahab (also described in Return of the Ripper) 
  * Altamont, British Secret Agent (related to a famous creation of Arthur Conan Doyle)
  * Kyle T. Oates (also described in Menace From The Moon)

Other Miscellany:

  • The Dirigible: A Sample Vehicle (described in terms of Chaosium's Superworld RPG)
  • Endnotes of Evil

Front Cover Text

Terrifying Tools and Reality-Wrenching Rules For Keepers and Investigators

Comments / Trivia

Many of the creatures, spells, characters etc described in this book are drawn from William Barton's previous two scenario-based MULA Monographs, Menace From The Moon and Return of the Ripper. The descriptions given here are very similar to the presentation of these elements given in the prior monographs.

The Endnotes give a very detailed account of the decades of development that preceded the compilation of this volume. It describes many details about William A. Barton's career as a RPG writer as well as including other autobiographical notes.


Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.

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