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Yog Radio (aka YSDC-R Bradford) is a semi-regular Cthulhu Podcast coming out of Yog-Sothoth.com.

Yog Radio deals with all things Call of Cthulhu, Lovecraftian and gaming in general, along with (un)healthy doses of chit chat from the quite insane show hosts.

Shows # 1-6 were encoded using the MP3pro standard and so will sound OK in any MP3 player, but feature much better audio quality using MP3pro compatible players. For Windows users, an MP3pro WinAmp plug-in is available. For Macintosh users, Audion may be a suitable choice.

Show # 7 dropped the MP3pro encoding for straight MP3 at 48KBPS.

Shows # 17 onwards were produced in 96 KBPS stereo before settling back to 64 Kbps mono.

Show Hosts

Paul (of Cthulhu) Maclean

Fin (Gerout) Patterson

Val Robertson

Neil (N-kun) Young

Podcast Feeds

Available to Patrons of Yog-Sothoth.

Show Notes

Show Notes for each episode of Yog Radio were available during its broadcast.

Show Notes

Recent shows have also featured Yog RadioVision with the use of a HD video camera filming in support of the audio shows.


The first episode of Yog Radio was recorded simply enough on an iRiver IFP 790. This is the same iRiver that's been used previously to record the World's Largest Dungeon' podcast from RPGMP3.com and the Masks of Nyarlathotep Game Audio Recording on Yog-Sothoth.com.

The next two episodes were recorded using the same iRiver but connected to single Lavalier (lapel) condenser mic. Using the old tin can for support. Show # 2 featured a Skype interview using a PC laptop also recording to the iRiver.Yog Radio # 3 was also recorded under a duvet (literally) on advice that it would improve the audio response, which it did, but at some cost to the hosts' working conditions.

Show # 4 used three Lavalier mics into a very cheap £10 mixer, this proved not to be a wise move and better equipment was sought.

Show # 5 was a field recording and used a newly acquired Marantz PMD 670 digital audio recorder, two Lavalier mics and a Shure SM58 microphone.

Show # 6 back in the studio used the PMD 670 linked to a Behringer UB1202 mixer and two Lavalier mics.

Show # 7 was the first of 2006 while testing newly borrowed equipment including an AKG C444 PP headset, and Audio Technica AT892cW micro headset with ATW 2110 wireless receiver. Bit rate boosted to 48KBPS.

Show # 8 featured a similar set-up as Show #7 save for the addition of an OPUS54 Beyerdynamic Headset which allowed three hosts to participate.

Yog RadioVision uses a Sanyo HD2 High Definition solid state video camera. Capable of recording HD video at 1280x720p resolution.

Additional equipment includes a set of Giant Squid Audio Lab stereo (cardioid) microphones, Audio Technica ATR-288W portable wireless microphone, Audio Technica ATR-55 condenser shotgun microphone and a Zoom H2 Handy Recorder among other things.