William Brinton

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Sir. William Brinton is a fictional character created by H.P. Lovecraft in his story The Rats in the Walls. Sir. Brinton is an archaeologist of some note, famous for his digs in Troad. In the 1920s he was living in London. In 1923 he was contacted by Capt. Edward Norrys and Mr. Delapore about the restored Exham Priory. Sir. Brinton had visited the Priory in the past to research its remarkable architecture. In his 1923 visit he led Mr. Delapore, Capt. Norrys, Dr. Trask, a man named Thornton, and others down into a newly uncovered cavern below the Priory. Sir. Brinton later assisted in the destruction of the Priory.